Window Replacement Myths Debunked by the Experts

window replacement in Chesterfield

Every homeowner hears a variety of different tips from neighbors, family members, and friends about all different kinds of home improvement projects. For example, you may hear things like: “Use this type of paint because it never chips,” or “Only replace your siding in the fall because that is when it will adhere best,” or maybe even “You can totally do that project on your own, no need to hire a professional.”

However, we are here to debunk a few of those tips or myths for window replacement projects. Join us through this article as we debunk three common window replacement myths that we hear in the industry.

You Don’t Need to Hire the Professionals

While many home tasks can easily be a DIY project, window replacement in Chesterfield Missouri is not one of them. Many homeowners try to install windows on their own, but this task is not one that you should cut corners on. When you hire the best window replacement installers in Chesterfield, you reap so many more benefits than just hiring someone to do the heavy lifting.

You can trust that the job is done right with a company like Clearview Windows and Siding. When installing windows yourself, or simply asking a friend to help, you run the risk of missing a step or perhaps installing the entire window incorrectly. This can quickly turn into a more expensive project than if you were to just hire the experts from the beginning.

window replacement in Chesterfield

Outdated Windows Are No Big Deal

You may hear many homeowners say, “Oh my windows are just fine, they have been great the entire time we’ve lived here.” However, this myth is far from the truth. Windows will need replaced through the years as they are not designed to last forever, but it all depends on how the windows are cared for through their lifetime.

The average lifespan of windows is around twenty years old, but we have seen certain windows last anywhere between five and forty years. Outdated windows are a very big deal and need to be handled accordingly. Experts in window replacement in Chesterfield encourage homeowners to inspect the integrity of their windows frequently to ensure they are still effective.

Energy Star Seals Are Just Another Sticker

Energy Star ® certifications are a very important feature to look for when it comes to residential window replacement. This can ensure your windows are the best for your home because they are energy efficient, helping your home run at the best it can. Purchasing windows that do not have the Energy Star ® seal could be a costly mistake, because you are missing out on large savings on your monthly utility bills. Consult with an expert in window replacement through the Chesterfield area, such as Clearview Windows and Siding, to find the best windows for your upcoming window replacement project.

window replacement in Chesterfield

Ready to Hire the Best Residential Window Replacement Installer in Chesterfield?

Now that three of the most common window replacement myths have been debunked, it is time to move forward with your upcoming home improvement project. Our team at Clearview Windows and Siding is ready to tackle any window replacement project you have on your hands.

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