What’s the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?

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When you are considering hiring a window replacement installer in Chesterfield, it can be intimidating if you don’t understand the differences between your options. With so many window designs on the market to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? Join us through this article to learn about two common styles of windows and the pros and cons of each. 

What Are Single Hung Windows? 

Single hung windows operate by allowing only the bottom sash to slide up while the top sash is permanently fixed. This type of window is known to the window replacement installer in Chesterfield, as easy and safe to operate. In order to lift the lower sash, you unlock, and lift and it will then stay up as long as you would like. This option does tend to be more popular amongst homeowners when cost is a large factor. They are a bit cheaper than double-hung windows, however the repair of these windows can be more costly in the long run. If they are not on ground level, they become difficult to clean, and if they break you will need to call a window replacement installer in Chesterfield to handle the situation. 

What Are Double Hung Windows? 

In comparison to single-hung windows, double-hung windows are different in that both sashes open on these styles, whereas the single-hung windows only allowed the bottom sash to open. This option is often easier to clean and allow for more airflow throughout the area because of the additional open window. While this style can be a tad more costly in the beginning, it is easier to repair one part of the window if it breaks, thus leading to a lesser need for replacement. 

Both options are a great choice for homeowners. They provide their own pros and cons, giving you the opportunity to analyze your situation and see what works best for you and your home. 

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