What You Need to Know About CraneBoard Solid CoRe® Siding In Missouri

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To protect the value of your home, you need quality siding. As one of the best vinyl siding installers in Wildwood, MO and best siding replacement installers in Chesterfield, MO, we suggest CraneBoard siding to our clients when they are looking to upgrade their home’s exterior. In this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know about CraneBoard Solid CoRe® Siding in Missouri and why it is the number one choice for homes in America.  

What is CraneBoard? 

Ever since CraneBoard Solid CoRe® Siding came out on the market in 1998, it has continued to remain among the best in the industry and provide superior performance. It is a vinyl material that presents the look and texture of real wood, but without the hassle of maintaining it and worrying about paint chipping. 


The best vinyl siding installers in Chesterfield, MO recommend CraneBoard because of its many benefits. This siding provides homeowners: 

  • Made with Neopor insulation, which provides more R-value than comparable insulation made of standard white EPS foam 
  • Up to 45% more noise reduction than typical vinyl siding 
  • 300% more impact resistant than typical vinyl siding 
  • Resistant up to 160 mph winds 
  • Solid CoRe® insulation Smart Track™ system uses moisture management ridges to improve moisture evaporation and permeability 
  • Insect and Termite resistant 
  • Zero maintenance or worry of paint chipping or scratching 
  • TXL™ Lamination Technology provides 200% stronger bond between siding and foam 
  • Life of Home Limited warranty 


According to the best siding replacement installers in Wildwood, MO, one of the many reasons why CraneBoard Solid CoRe® Siding is a top choice is its 6” and 7” wide boards. Wide boards give a home a beautiful appearance, as well as provides more coverage to avoid energy loss. Additionally, the R-value of CraneBoard’s siding is between 3.0-4.0; up to nearly four times more than traditional vinyl siding. A higher R-value means more insulation and ultimately savings on energy bills.   

Also known as the best home window replacement installer in Chesterfield, MO, we at Clearview prefer CraneBoard siding among others because Solid CoRe® Architectural Essentials Accessories offers a variety of distinctive accents and finishing details to finish windows and trim. You can choose from an assortment of colors to mix and match as well. 

If you need to upgrade or replace your home’s siding, feel free to contact us at Clearview Windows and Siding – the best vinyl siding installers in Wildwood, MO and best residential window replacement installer in Chesterfield, MO about CraneBoard Solid CoRe® Siding.