Vinyl Siding vs. Insulated Vinyl Siding In Wildwood MO

As the best siding replacement installers in Wildwood, MO, we understand that, as a consumer, you have many different decisions to be made regarding your home improvement endeavors. Non-Insulated vinyl siding apposed to Insulated vinyl siding is one of these decisions that you will have to make when working with your siding replacement company.  Which one is best for you and your home?  The best siding replacement installers in Chesterfield, MO understand that your home deserves the best product available, and should be preserved and protected for as long as possible.  Let’s take a look at Non-Insulated vinyl siding vs. Insulated vinyl siding from the best vinyl siding installers in Wildwood MO.

If you are already considering vinyl siding for your home from the best vinyl siding installers in Chesterfield, MO, then you are going to be given the option to choose between Insulated vinyl siding and Non-Insulated vinyl siding.  Let’s compare the two different options here to learn which is the best option for you and your home. 


There are many different factors that the best siding installers and the best residential window replacement installer in Wildwood, MO watch consumers choose between during the home improvement process.  The cost of products and material is always one of these factors.  Homestyle, size, the degree of difficulty, and favored color are all factors that can influence the price of your siding replacement project.

Insulated vinyl siding is going to be more expensive than Non-Insulated vinyl siding.  Thankfully, both options are two of the lowest maintenance siding products available today, which means you will have a reduced lifetime cost compared to other products when you choose between the two. 

Based solely on the cost, Non-Insulated vinyl siding has a lower initial price, but Insulated vinyl siding has a lower lifetime cost.

Energy Savings & Comfort

It is safe to assume that when a consumer calls the best siding or best home siding replacement installer in Wildwood, MO, they are looking to improve their home’s efficiency and comfort.  These factors are always a priority for the best residential siding replacement installer in Chesterfield, MO.

Aside from mere monetary savings, a consumer is also able to improve the comfort of their home by adding Insulated vinyl siding.

Do you have rooms in your home that are always too cold during the winter, and too hot during the summer?  Installing Insulated vinyl siding is a great way to combat that uncomfortable home feature and correct this issue.

Take a look at these infrared images taken before and after a home received Insulated vinyl siding.  There is definitely a noticeable difference!

Based on energy efficiency and comfort, Insulated vinyl siding is the best option for you and your home.


Is it really home “improvement” if what you are replacing isn’t more durable with a longer lifespan?  One of home improvement’s top purposes is to save the homeowner money, and your siding choice could do just that! 

Although vinyl siding is an excellent barrier between your family and the outside elements, the gap left between the siding and your walls is susceptible to damage without insulation.  This space is a favorite place for insects, rodents and even mold to call home.

With Insulated vinyl siding, the foam components feature a built-in insecticide, which is safe for people and pets.  This will protect the foam from termite damage, along with other growths and damage you want to avoid. 

Based on durability and lifespan, Insulated vinyl siding is still the best choice for you and your home.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where we will be discussing Replacement Windows and the benefits of replacing the windows in your home!