Siding Maintenance Tips for Fall

Siding Maintenance Tips for Fall from Siding Experts in Chesterfield
Siding Maintenance Tips for Fall from Siding Experts in Chesterfield

Leaves are falling, colors are changing, and the crisp air makes everything more enjoyable in the fall. While the weather is nice, it is a great time to tend to your siding to ensure it performs well during the winter and for years to come. Read on for some fall siding tips to keep your siding in great shape! 

Keep ‘Em Clean 

The great thing about the siding we offer is that vinyl siding is easy to clean. A bucket of warm, soapy water and a soft bristled brush can be used to get dirt and grime off of your siding and leave your home looking great. A pressure washer can also be used, and can make your job much easier, but be careful to not use too high of pressure or hold the wand too close to the siding. High pressure can dent siding and can take the finish off of pre-primed or pre-painted boards. If you don’t have a pressure washer, using a hose can help you with hard to reach areas. You will be surprised at how much of a difference a good cleaning can have on your siding. Months of dust, pollen, dirt, and more can reveal your beautiful siding underneath—your home will look much better! The small crevices in siding are also a favorite hiding place for spiders and other insects you probably would like to keep away from your home. Even just using a brush to sweep away cobwebs, dust, and leaves can make a big difference. Once you’ve cleaned your siding in the fall, it will look better once the snow comes—nothing looks worse than wet, dirty siding. 

Make Repairs or Replace 

Take the time this fall to make the necessary repairs to your home siding, before winter snows and cold have fully descended. If you repair small issues with your siding you can prolong the lifespan and efficiency, saving you money in the long run. Vinyl siding could have small holes or dents caused by accidental impact or hail. 

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