Winterize Your Windows for The Midwest Weather

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The winters that come in the Midwest are anything but gentle. Between the frigid mornings, harsh blizzards, brisk air, the last thing you want is to bring that into your warm and cozy home. Many just know us as the best siding replacement installers in Ballwin, but that is not all that we are. As the best home window replacement installers in Ballwin, Missouri, we are here to give you some tips on how to winterize your windows for the upcoming season. 

Caulking near your windows and doors can keep the unwanted chilly air outside. It is a cheap home improvement that can protect the openings of your home from the exterior. Caulk can be painted over to avoid any change in your curb appeal.

Keep your casa cozy this winter by adding weather stripping to both your doors and windows. This can protect you from the drafts that can creep in through the cracks. Weather stripping is relatively easy to install on your own and can save you money in the long run. It can also help you through the rest of the Midwest weather, not just winter. The best residential window replacement installers in Ballwin will tell you that weather stripping can protect against dirt, rain, as well as temperature. 

Investing in new curtains for your window is also a trend that can keep your home the way you want it. While adding some new flair to the interior, adding some heavy-duty drapes can prevent drafts. You can hang them close to the windows and continue to reuse them in the winters.

While pricier than the alternatives, there is another option. You can seek out the best home window replacement installer in Chesterfield to help you install new windows. If your windows are outdated, it may be time to replace them before this winter to ensure you do not waste heat on poor windows. 

Here at Clearview windows, we are not only specialists in siding replacement but also the best home window replacement installers in Ballwin, Missouri. We want to ensure that your home and windows are prepared for the brutal winter that is going to come before we are ready. If you believe you are ready to winterize your windows, give the best home window replacement installers a call so that we can help you prepare.