Choosing the Best Replacement Windows

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Replacing windows is very beneficial for enhancing your homes curb appeal, increasing your homes resale value, and providing better insulation. However, knowing which window to buy is the difficult part. With so many styles and feature options on the market, you need the best home window replacement installer in Wildwood MO and Chesterfield MO for assistance.  This is choosing the best replacement windows!

When shopping for windows, follow this guide on choosing the best replacement windows from the best residential window replacement installer in Chesterfield MO. The following are energy performance features of Energy Star rated windows according to NFRC testing procedures. These ratings will ensure you are making an informed decision.

Air Leakage

The lower the AL rating, the better insulating properties of the entire window. The air leakage rating feature is just what it sounds like. This measures the rate of air that can pass through a window’s joints with the standard rate being 0.3.  However, the best home window replacement installer in Chesterfield MO says the air leakage rating is one of the most critical features in determining the overall quality of a replacement window. 

Low E Glass

To improve the insulation or thermal efficiency in a window, a thin film coating is applied to the raw glass.  The process is done at the glass manufacturing plant where specially designed coatings are applied to one or more surfaces of an insulated glass unit.  For example, the glass is usually coated on the inside of the outer pane for double-pane windows.  This film coating reflects radiant infrared energy, which is meant to keep the energy on the same side it originates from while still letting in visible light.  So when the sun shines, a Low-E coated window reflects a lot of that unwanted energy towards the sun instead of letting the heat pass through the glass.  It works the same way if you are running your heater.  The energy from your heater comes up against the Low-E window and is reflected toward the inside of the house, so it isn’t lost.

There are different Low E coatings available, so as ask the best residential window replacement installer in Wildwood MO to learn more.


U-factor measures heat transfer and shows you how well the insulation of a window is. The measurement ranges between 0.25 and 1.25, and the lower the U-Factor is the better insulation a window has.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

SHGC is short for solar heat gain coefficient, a number that represents the amount of solar radiation through a window. It’s measured between 0 and 1; a lower number means less solar heat transfer. This is commonly what most people notice most – how hot the sunlight feels through the window glass. In warm climates, finding a window with a low SHGC rating will help you stay much more comfortable in your home on those hot summer days, and minimize how much you need your air conditioning.

Visible Transmittance

A VT measurement will let you know how bright or dim a room will be when sunlight passes through a window. Let the best home window replacement installer in Chesterfield MO know whether you want more natural lighting or less of a glare. For more natural light, you will want to look at a higher VT rating and a lower VT rate for more dim lighting. 

As one of the best residential window replacement installer in Wildwood MO and best siding replacement installers in Chesterfield MO, our experts at Clearview Windows and Siding are asked all the time about the features of high performing windows. If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your windows, consult with one of our experts to ensure, you’re making the best decision for your home when choosing the best replacement windows.