Can Replacing Your Windows Lower Your Utility Bill?

Can Replacing Your Windows Lower Your Utility Bill

The pandemic and quarantine has hit us all hard this past year, and many people are looking for ways to improve their home without breaking the bank. Many individuals are also looking for ways they can cut costs in their everyday life. One little known tip that our team has is to consider window replacement in Wildwood, MO. Now we know what you may be thinking. “I can’t afford window replacement.” “Home Improvement Projects Are Too Expensive.” However, we may be able to help you understand how completing this one task can save you money in the end. Join us through this article to learn about how window replacement in Wildwood, MO could save you money on your utility bill, and the other benefits it may have on your home.

How Does It Work?

Windows are kind of like walls or a bathroom, every home needs them, and they need to be effective at their job. They are integral for a happy, comfortable home, providing light, warmth and of course, much-needed ventilation. However, the type of window you have can make or break the bank. If you have an older window, chances are they leak, are cracked, or have needed some TLC for a little while. Now this doesn’t mean you don’t care for your home by any means, what this means is that overtime your windows have done their job, they just don’t last forever. Windows are designed to last approximately twenty years, however we have seen certain windows last anywhere between ten and forty years! It is important to evaluate the health of your window and understand the benefits they are bringing to your home.

Window Replacement in Wildwood, MO

Leaky windows in turn make your HVAC unit work harder throughout the seasons. In the winter, it is working double time to keep the drafty air from impeding on the comfort of your home. Here in the Midwest, we see extreme winters and rough cold fronts that we do not want inside our home. On the flip side, our units are still working hard in the summertime to keep our homes cool and shaded from the extreme heats we can see too.

You can alleviate the stress on your units by talking with us about window replacement in Wildwood, MO. By installing energy-efficient and newer windows, the stress on your HVAC unit is lightened. When you don’t have to run your unit as hard, you end up saving money in the long run on your utility bill! Overtime these windows will pay for themselves in the money you save by investing in the health of your home.

Other Benefits of Window Replacement in Wildwood, MO

  • Updated Curb Appeal
  • Fix Current Leaky Windows
  • Enhanced Safety of Your Home

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